Universal Principles

What truly matters in life…
     matters to us all

In societies around the world, many things make our cultures different and unique, but underneath our differences we also find many similarities.

These similarities are built on a foundation of universal principles, these fundamental beliefs we share throughout humanity provide us with insights that show how connected we truly are.

Living in harmony with these principles is key to our existence, they are interwoven through all life and sit at the very core of our collective wellness, these principles both guide and support all Living Projects.

What is Wellness

the living project’s principles of wellness

What is wellness?

 Wellness is much broader than health and wellbeing. Wellness is on a continuum, it’s a dynamic process of change and growth, it’s never passive nor static and it evolves as we do. Wellness is interwoven through all life and at any given time, its state reflects our beliefs, intentions, choices and actions.

Wellness is holistic, beyond physical wellbeing, it expands our attention so that we consider every dimension. In this context wellness includes the physical, mental, spiritual wellbeing but it does so in the much broader context considering collective wellness, environmental, social and economic.

With this wellness dynamic built into the very fabric of our communities, our schools and education systems, our businesses and economics, our governance, and our health systems, we can unite our efforts and share responsibility in realising greater wellness in the best interests of all.

We’ve identified wellness as the key. All of life literally depends on us enhancing and maintaining this state of wellness. THe Living Project is how we unite our efforts and Caring For Our Collective Wellness is our reason for being, our shared purpose. 

Health is a state of body, Wellness is a state of Being —– J. Stanford