Placing Wellness at the heart of everything we do

The Living Project shares the belief that all of nature is interconnected, and when we together nurture our people and our planet, we create a vibrant, healthy world to live in.

As humans, we’re just one part of this incredible ecosystem where we observe nature constantly working hard to maintain all life in balance and harmony. That ecosystem strains under our influence and we’re now facing a growing range of individual and collective challenges with some of these regarded as existential!

In our work, we believe the state of this ecosystem and all life within it, is best represented as a state of ‘collective wellness’, cared for and nurtured within a ‘wellness ecosystem’. Adopting and developing this approach to wellness can provide a means of measuring our progress.

The Living Project is our opportunity to unite and work together, channeling our passion and purpose as we collaborate, catalysing our efforts, inspiring and encouraging one another and together moving to realise greater wellness socially, environmentally and economically.

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“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” 
                                                                   – Socrates

The Living Project’s

Wellness Ecosystem

Nurturing the interconnectedness of all life

​This Ecosystem represents everything that contributes to our collective state of wellness – socially, environmentally and economically. These are all the activities and happenings occurring in our everyday lives – things like business, health, education, governance and more. We consider all these different sectors as ‘Living Projects’.

​Our goal is to connect and collaborate with you on ‘Living Projects’ – working together to innovate and co-create as we bring the Principles of Wellness into the Project that you feel impassioned by.

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Our Collective Project

The living project is everyone’s project,
together as one

A community of impassioned people bringing skills and talents together, learning, teaching, sharing and aligning in a common purpose – Caring for our Collective Wellness.

Together we create and build a new path, a different journey. One that enables greater wellness through a symbiotic coexistence, lived in harmony with our world as it supports life unconditionally.

– Dana & Mark Harvey

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Projects In Action

Connect with New Zealand’s wellness community and find business owners dedicated to providing local services that enhance our wellbeing

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